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Smart chart training Solutions

Smart chart training Solutions (SCTS) is a set of unique services center that designs, develops, implements, and evaluates innovative training solutions and strategies, at all levels of complexity, to enhance human capital learning and performance in different careers.

What we do

We provide our training services in two different types;

Public seminars: where we have a set of outstanding and trendy training programs published in fixed training calendar schedule monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual in which you can book your training seat up to your interest career and course based. (Check our training calendar )

  • SC Customized training solutions:

Since we believe in each organization footprint in (industry, strategy, needs, and goals) we, and with the help of our expert training & consultant team are offering the per- request tailored training solutions for each organization based on specific requirements and desire.

How we do

Following a four stages approach, by which we shall get all in one solution that fits organizational ambition and aims. Here is what we do:-

Analyze & Assess

  • People, Content, and environment to determine needs
  • procedures & processes efficiency
  • Both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Organizational goals and objectives
  • Complete TNA for the organization


Design and Develop

Where assessment results and reports turn to be the main criteria to identify training needs and gap analysis, to be taken into account when designing training solutions to meet the needs and bridge the gap. Then we design training solutions on following basis: –

  • Smart Chart standards training solutions design
  • Training material standards ( set of global material design standards)
  • Strategic objectives of the organization
  • General training objectives according TNA.
  • Optimal training methods that are compatible with training solutions
  • Specialized training tools & equipment appropriate for training solutions



Based on training solution design and customer audience statues and features. As well as training objectives we do the following:

  • Make recommendations about the most suitable implementation method(s)
  • Support and guide instructional implementation
  • Select the right implementation technique or set of techniques like:-
    • Peer training
    • Case Study
    • Role play
    • Problem Solving
    • Brainstorming and workshops
    • Assignments, projects, on site observation
  • Evaluate
    • The effectiveness of designed and developed training solution
    • Provide formative, informative and summative assessment, including constructive feedback
    • Make recommendations toward continuous improvement
    • Follow up contact with customers
    • ROI measuring as per customer request.
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