Job ended Training

Smart Chart programs for the developing young Saudis

(Job ended Training)

Job ended Training

We believe in the Smart chart that human capital can make a difference in the present and the future of Nations in case they gain knowledge, skills and possess needed qualifications. Therefore SC provides this type of training and rehabilitation program customized for Saudi youth to meet the needs of his company in the first place and then the needs of the labor market under the accreditation of HRDF..


with 5 years of experience in Job ended Training made us able to design and implement many training programs that are based on three axes: -


  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Practice

Advantages of Smart Chart programs (for training and development of young Saudis)

Job ended Training

Accumulative experiences for more than 6 years in developing skills of corporate employees (on job training) and Job ended Training with mega companies in the Kingdom in various sectors, including:


  • Telecommunications
  • Health care
  • Contracting
  • Data Entry



Fully equipped classrooms


Tailored and customized programs


Arab and foreigner instructors


National & international certificates

Program process & technique 


Polarizing candidates up to corporate criteria


Designing the appropriate training program for trainees


Ongoing evaluation and performance reporting


Graduation and clear career path

Smart chart methodology in Job ended Training

Job ended Training follows a set of processes in dealing with corporates that that place their trust in the Smart chart for developing their trainees and employees, this rehabilitation and development process go through several stages include: -


  • The selection of the target candidate trainees among the applicants up to SC sort out process.
  • The advertising the vacant training opportunities and exploring merits of training
  • Receive and meet applicants who are interested in accordance with the specified criteria for acceptance
  • Sort out applicants according by interviews and placement tests to determine their knowledge level
  • Taking into account the cultural & educational background as well as appearance and a desire to get involved in training
  • Setting of the training plan in specific training programs and operational plan for each program separately.
  • Designing training programs including training schedules / programs outline / implementation timeframe.
  • Program launch, along with clear regulations for training inside the headquarters to the trainees from training day one. Followed by submitting trainees' material brief cases full of hard copies and educational media ware.
  • Periodic & ongoing follow-up and evaluation, including (attendance / tests and weekly and monthly assessments of the trainees / raising the performance reports with an indication of weaknesses and strengths).


  • Training days (from Sunday to Thursday) morning and evening shifts.
  • Certificates for computer courses and English languages and managerial courses all certified by TVTC and ministry of education.
  • Average number of trainees in classrooms vary from. (10-15 students).
  • All Curriculums are internationally certified, designed in line with the culture of the Middle East and approved by the entitled authorities.
  • Laboratories for Learning resources and workshops are available for trainees to develop their skills at break hours

What programs we deliver?

Computer programs

SMART chart offers specialized courses in computer operating systems and applications

 (Windows & Office) This involves dealing with various operating and office software applications such as the Office applications

  • Data entry program
  • Computer Networking
  • Photoshop program

Office applications program

English language programs

English Language Programs include:-

  • One Year general program includes 12 levels of English language

    • Three levels of conversation programs include


  • specific English language programs:

    • English for Business
    • English for customer service
    • English for Travel and Tourism
    • English for medical care



Managerial and soft skills training programs

"Smart Chart" presents a package of specific managerial and developmental courses, as well as soft skills ones that contribute to enhance the practical skills of trainees and get them ready for labor market through our model of interactive training and the flexibility in our solutions based on needs assessment for corporate services, products and strategic goals. We do this through our deep understanding thanks to the expertise we have built up over years of successful stories of our customers..


Interactive training methodology

We rely on our solutions to provide training up to the latest modern training methods, where a trainee is the active part and corner stone of the training process, through involvement in all training activities by using mutable techniques as:-

 Case studies

Peer training

Role playing


Problem solving

There a lot of reasons behind choosing smart chart solutions

We take as much time as possible to understand customers' needs
We never offer readymade or off shelf programs
We follow latest global techniques in training
Our expertise and massive experience in that field

And there is more,

We guarantee to our customers the ongoing evaluation and assessment up to quality standards to make sure they implemented the right and appropriate solutions based on critical needs.

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