Total Quality Management

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4 December، 2017
ITIL Foundation & overview
4 December، 2017
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Total Quality Management

About the course

This program enables to establish a culture of continuous improvement in your service organization. Learn and apply improvement tools and quality management system elements and strategies that have been successfully applied to a service environment.


Who should attend?

This course has been developed to meet the needs of quality leaders and specialists in the service sector. This includes quality consultants, managers, and other leaders responsible for driving excellence through quality practices.


Course objectives
  • Define the culture that promotes excellence in the service sector.
  • Compare the attributes of your organizations to high
  • Performing service benchmark organizations in the key areas of quality management.
  • Learn specific quality practices for service, such as CQI tools, process measures, process improvement and control, human resource development, transactional quality assurance, and other relevant service quality practices.
  • Enhance how a quality management system can work in a service organization.
  • Promote practices for continuous quality improvement (CQI) in service areas.


Content & outlines
  • Introductions & Orientation
  • ASQ and course overview
  • Quality Opportunities in Service
  • Quality practices and trends in service, lessons learned along the way and areas of most significant opportunity
  • Quality timeline and trends with examples
  • Quality aspect areas: Culture, systems, methods, key measures, continuous improvement initiatives, people and teams
  • Service quality distinctions: What’s unique in service quality
  • Examples of high-performing service organizations: Quality aspects
  • Foundation knowledge on improving and controlling quality in the service sector
  • Quality system elements for service organizations
  • Compare different approaches, such as Lean, Baldrige, Six-Sigma and other emerging improvement methodologies
  • Identify elements of value to participant’s organization
  • Business process management and CQI management
  • Roadmap for developing a culture of CQI
  • Roles of senior management, managers, supervisors and staff
  • Extra fees for international certificates
  • 5 % discount for advance booking
  • 10 % discounts for groups
  • Special offers for corporates & gov. entities
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