Technology Change Management

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4 December، 2017
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Technology Change Management

Technology Change Management

Making positive technology change happen

5- Day Immersive Training Course


From Smart Chart – a unique and powerful change management framework approach,  for the Optimization of project outcomes, product usability , acceptance  and Organizations ability  to respond faster to customer trends.

Taking place at Smart Chart Consulting spacea  fully immersive learning experience, focused on generating Technology Change Management


What sets this training apart?

  • Strong change management curriculum, brought to life by  seasoned consultants that’s helped companies increased return on investment by reducing costs associated with change, optimization of  project outcomes, product usability and acceptance
  • Become  an IT Change Champion in your  organization
  • Prepare yourself  for APMG-CMI Foundation and Practitioner levels  certifications, plus  others
  • Training  focus on technology based , ERP And IT Change Projects BUT all the given ideas, processes and tricks can apply to any industry as well
  • Practical course with a Step By Step  simulated project and a lot  of scenarios  applied
  • A Complete change management Toolkit, which assists trainees to focus on Change Management and not  Creating  Templates
  • Training  enriched with the core  Change  Manager  Personal  and Professional Management  Skills
  • A unique  printed  IT Change Management course  material  and  eBook


Content and outlines
Themes You’ll cover this You’ll do & Experience this
Change Management Definition, Principles and Frameworks • Change Management Definition, core six drivers, Lifecycle and frameworks

• Integrate Change Management with other team

• Organization Design

• Familiar with change management six drivers and change management lifecycle

• How change management drives project success

• Design ideal organization structure  and processes to support the change

Define Change • Assess change

• Create the need for change

• Build sponsorship for change

• Conduct change program assessment

• Communicate using logos, Ethos and Pathos

• Create sponsorship plan

Plan Change • Create the vision for change

• Managing Stakeholders

• Benefits realization and management during the change program lifecycle

• Change Strategies

• Change communication plan

• Communicate the change vision

• Conduct stakeholder analysis, change impact assessment , describe stakeholder behaviors and motivate project team

• Maximize the benefits from change program

• Build proper change strategy approach

• Create change communication plan

Execute Change • Communicate change and gathering feedback

• Identify and manage resistance for change

• Produce change Quick-Wins

• Measure change progress

• Communication skills by project phase

• Responding to feedback

• Understand the three steps for managing resistance and reasons for not changing

• Understand how quick-wins breed success

• Measure change  using change dashboard

Sustain Change • Training stakeholders for change

• Change behaviors

•Change control principles

• Create a training sustainability plan

• Change behaviors using ABC BOC analysis

• Lock in the new with the old

Problem Solving  & Leadership Skills • Problem solving skills, why and how

• Create your own leadership DNA

• Best approach for solving  problem

• Create your own formula for success




Learn about how to assess the change, create the need for change, build sponsorship for change, and identify core change drivers /critical success factors that will enable or prevent change.
(12+ Practical Exercises)



Master the create the vision for change, analyze stakeholders behavior, plan for managing benefits during the lifecycle of change program, decide on change strategy and create a change plan.

(8+ Practical Exercises)



Getting ready to communicate the plan, gathering and responding to feedback, identify and manage resistance, produce Quick-Wins , measure and track your change progress.

(6+ Practical Exercises)



Using training to prepare your stakeholders for change, change behavior, and keep manage change drivers.

(7+ Practical Exercises)



Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Define Plan Execute Sustain Leader Skills
Kick Off, Welcome, Objectives, Case Study and Course materials Create the vision for Change Communicate Change Using Training to prepare your stakeholders for Change Problem Solving Skills
Change Management Fundamentals Communicate the vision Communication skills for change managers Define different types of training Why problem solving skills
Core  Six Drivers for Change Management Managing Stakeholders- Conduct stakeholder analysis Communication messages by project phase Identify the groups that need to be trained Problem Solving approach and technique
Change Management lifecycle Managing Stakeholders- Analyze stakeholder behaviors Gathering and responding to feedback Gather training input from all relevant teams Why Leadership Skills
Change Management Frameworks Managing Stakeholders- Change Impact Assessment Incorporate and update change communication plan with feedback Build training development and delivery plan Leadership- Mindset skills
Integrate Change Management with other organization team Managing Stakeholders- Motivate project team during difficult projects Identify and manage resistance Develop training evaluations Leadership career skills
Organization Design Managing benefits realization during the lifecycle of change program Produce Quick Wins Create a training sustainability plan Leadership people skills
Assess Change Decide on suitable Change Strategy approach Building on Change Change Behaviors using ABC BOC analysis Leadership daily skills
Create the need for change Create Change Communication Plan Measure Change Change Control Principles Leadership organization skills


Who should attend?

Here’s who the training course is created for


  • Aimed at the future Change Managers
  • Managers tasked with driving successful ERP project change
  • Leaders who desire to map their technical change initiatives better to the company’s strategy
  • 5+ years experiences in business
  • Large and medium sized organizations from across all sectors


Job titles that encourage to attend this course include Change Manager, PMO Manager, ERP Project Manager, IT Manager, HR Manager,  Performance Manager, Risk Manager,  Business Leader, Strategy Manager, Digital Transformation Manager.


Benefits for you

  • Understanding of why and how technology change needs to be adapted
  • Identifies the six drivers surrounding people’s reaction to technology change
  • Demonstrate tools and techniques that assist in the delivery of technology change
  • Define the roadmap to technology change
  • Utilize the principles of technology change
  • Assess own resilience to technology change
  • Plan technology change by managing stakeholders
  • Implement a technology change strategy and plan
  • Implement technology change by managing resistance
  • Recognize how to lock in the technology change
  • Understand how to make technology change stick


Benefits for your organisation

  • Organizations able to respond faster to customer trends
  • Improved organizational capability to assess the impact and  challenges of technology change
  • Improved benefits identification which serve as motivators towards the end goal
  • Time to implement technology change is reduced
  • Increased return on investment by reducing costs associated with technology change
  • Reduced likelihood of unsuccessful technology change
  • Allows the use of “best practices” to develop leaders and high performing teams
  • Optimization of technology project outcomes, product usability and acceptance
  • Introduces models to help understand how to implement technology change
  • Helps improve stakeholder engagement with technology change


Delivery Team

A young and Dynamic  IT change management consultancy

Smart Chart is a pioneer change management consultancy that help big businesses do success change initiatives.  It helps many leading MENA organizations to respond faster to customer trends ,to optimize of project outcomes, product usability , acceptance and increased return on investment by reducing costs associated  with change.


Few Technology Projects Only Make Changes To Technology, They Typically Incorporate Changes To People, Processes, Tools, And the Organization Structure.


You will know what Activities you need to do.
You will have the Tools to do them.
You will know that People, in all of their complexity, are the key to success.
All that to do is  Change!

Become part of this new and  unique learning experience!

We’re looking forward to hearing  from you.

  • Extra fees for international certificates
  • 5 % discount for advance booking
  • 10 % discounts for groups
  • Special offers for corporates & gov. entities
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