Leadership and Team Management

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7 December، 2017
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Leadership and Team Management

About the course

This course is designed to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to improve each participant’s leadership skills. Moreover, Participants are encouraged to assemble in informal virtual teams to share the application of the course learnings to current issues and challenges in their workplaces.


Who should attend?
  • All managerial levels ( top/ mid management )
  • Work Teams


Course objectives
  • Understand the fundamental aspects of managing and leading organizations.
  • Examine the behaviors and traits of both effective managers and leaders.
  • Examine relevant issues in applied management and leadership; including ethics, globalization, and strategic management.


Course content

  • Introduction to Leadership and Leadership Effectiveness.
  • Recognize the types of activities, roles, and responsibilities that are typical of those in management positions.
  • Understand the challenges faced in your day-to-day job.
  • Learn techniques to help you cope with the pressures you face i.e. time management and problem-solving.
  • Compare the similarities and differences in the roles of managers and leaders.
  • Understand behaviors exhibited by successful Leaders.
  • Provide tools and techniques to improve your Leadership skills.
  • Understand that Leadership is a complex and sometimes messy subject.


  • Understand what traits and skills lead to effective leadership.
  • Increase understanding of managerial and leadership behaviors.
  • Describe how skills are affected by context e.g., organizational type, location, size, etc.
  • Understand how skills affect management performance.
  • Understand why experience is the best teacher.
  • Recognize how to listen & communicate effectively.
  • Recognize the importance of, and know techniques for, developing relationships with peers and superiors.
  • Have an improved understanding of goal setting.
  • Extra fees for international certificates
  • 5 % discount for advance booking
  • 10 % discounts for groups
  • Special offers for corporates & gov. entities
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