Growth Mapper – Diagnostic Tool

BootCamp for Entrepreneurs in UK
7 December، 2017
Leadership and Team Management
10 December، 2017
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Growth Mapper – Diagnostic Tool

Course Objectives
  • Explain the framework for the lean-startup growth.
  • Explain the Growth Mapper- Diagnostic tool.
  • Enable learners to diagnose their startups for attaining growth.
  • Assist learners to develop actions plan for business growth.


Course Outcomes

Learners will demonstrate ability to:

  • Grasp proven framework for lean-startup growth.
  • Diagnose their startups and define areas for development.
  • Develop actions plan for attaining growth.


Course Content
  • Understand framework for lean-startup growth
  • Introduced to our Growth Mapper- Diagnostic tool
  • Learn how to diagnose your startup for growth
  • Develop your actions plan for business growth
  • For more information:


Who to Attend
  • Both genders with age 16 years and above
  • Read & write with basic business literacy
  • High school, university students & employees
  • Potential entrepreneurs (who have interest in entrepreneurship)
  • Preferably for startups looking for growth
  • Distressed startups
  • Extra fees for international certificates
  • 5 % discount for advance booking
  • 10 % discounts for groups
  • Special offers for corporates & gov. entities
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