Effective Techniques for Communication and Dispute Resolutions

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3 December، 2017
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Technical and Administrative Report Writing Skills
3 December، 2017
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Effective Techniques for Communication and Dispute Resolutions

Effective Techniques for Communication and Dispute Resolutions

Communication skills

About the course

This course is designed to elaborate the fundamentals of professional communication skills to develop professionals who can effectively apply communication techniques and best practices to meet their social and business communication needs.


Who should attend?
  • All manpower of organization


Course content

Introduction to Communication

  • Communication ( definition & process)
  • Models of communication
  • Communication barriers
  • Introduction to types of non-verbal communication
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication relationships
  • Non-verbal communication barriers.

Communication in Organizations

  • Formal communication networks in organizations
  • Informal communication networks

Development Communication

  • Concepts and approaches of Development Communication
  • Factors influencing communication reception

Persuasive Communication

  • Strategies for effective persuasive communication
  • Persuasive communication appeals ( pathos, logos, ethos)
  • Persuasive communication and advertising

Communication and leadership

  • Leadership principles
  • Communication for effective leadership
  • Leadership and communication challenges

Communication for organizational success

  • Communication function in management
  • Strategic communication for organizational success
  • Managing the communication function in organizations

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