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3 December، 2017
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3 December، 2017
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Business Process Improvement Champion

Smooth The Path To Successful Business Process Improvement

About the course

The techniques covered in this training clear away the unknowns and deliver the power of process improvement directly into your hands. you will learn how to tackle process improvement work in a bottom-line, straightforward approach helping you engage an organization in a process improvement effort.


Who should attend?
  • Aimed at the future business process improvement champions
  • Managers tasked with driving successful BPI
  • Leaders who desire to map their business processes better to the company’s strategy
  • Large and medium sized organizations from across  all sectors
  • Job titles that encourage to attend this course include Change Manager, Business process Manager, Performance manager, Project manager, business leaders.


Course outcomes
  • Minimize the customers, clients, or suppliers complain about the business process.
  • Business process include a high level of customer/client interaction
  • Make every step in your process add value for the customer/client
  • Establish customer- or client-focused metrics for the business process
  • Understand the end-to-end processes across your company.
  • Lower challenges with the handoffs between departments.
  • Increase your organization’s productivity.
  • Eliminate duplication of data or tasks in multiple departments.


Course objectives
  • Strong business process improvement curriculum, brought to life by  seasoned consultants that’s helped companies  increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability of  business processes
  • Become a business process improvement Champion in your  organization
  • Practical course with a Step By Step simulated project and a lot  of scenarios  applied
  • A Complete business process improvement Toolkit, which assists trainees to focus on business process improvement and not Creating  Templates
  • A unique printed  business process improvement course  material  and  eBook


Course content

Your 5-day Business Process Improvement Journey

Business Process Improvement Champion


Curriculum and Agenda

Business Process Improvement Champion

  • Extra fees for international certificates
  • 5 % discount for advance booking
  • 10 % discounts for groups
  • Special offers for corporates & gov. entities
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