Coaching & Mentoring Services

Smart Chart offers transformational leadership coaching programs where you will develop and implement a master action plan that:

  • builds on your strengths
  • reinforces your learning
  • articulates your goals
  • introduces methods to overcome obstacles
  • designs actionable steps
  • provides objective support and practical strategies to maximize personal effectiveness and professional success


This highly interactive and focused experiential process is delivered one-on-one, based on multiple intelligence perspectives, and always in an environment of mutual trust and respect.  Our clients call on our executive coaches to work with both their high potential people and to assist those who need to bridge performance gaps. We employ a range of diagnostic tools to provide the person being coached with the insight and awareness needed to create a meaningful individual development plan with measurable goals.

Who is this for?

  •     Newly appointed leaders
  •     Leaders who are new to the organization
  •     Senior- level technicians transitioning to leadership roles
  •     Leaders who have “derailed”

Level of executive most benefits from one-on-one coaching

  • CEO and Presidents
  • Vice Presidents and Directors
  • Lawyers
  • Senior- level technicians transitioning to leadership roles
  • Project Managers
  • Education Administrators
  • Deans/Chairs
  • Provosts

Learning outcomes

  • Increased accountability for changing behavior that is sustained over time
  • Increased style flexibility
  • Increased effectiveness in leading others
  • Experience in using additional problem-solving tools
  • Enhanced ability to manage conflict
  • Increased ability


Our Approach

Coaching Phases – An Overview

Much of the coaching relationship is tailored to an individual’s specific situation—who they are, the environment they work in, their aspirations writ large and their specific goals for our coaching work together. In other words, the work we do with one customer may look entirely different from the work we do with another. All of this talk of individuality aside, there are several predictable phases in coaching that are present in any engagement. They are as follows:

  • Phase One: Introduction to Coaching and Assessment

During this phase, we work together to get a sense of where you are today and what got you to this place. This phase involves a longer, initial meeting to set up the coaching relationship as well as self-assessments and/or assessments that involve others. For example:

Self-Assessment: you will be sent pre-work assignments and leadership style and/or strength assessments to support your self-reflection

External Assessment: This may include reviewing previous 360’s you have, or administering a 360, if you do not have one; it may include interviews of others close to you; etc.

  • Phase Two: Identify Objectives and Techniques for Measuring Success

 From the previous assessment we work together to define your goals for coaching and clearly observable outcomes. These outcomes will be the focus areas for your coaching work.

  • Phase Three: Ongoing Coaching and Experimentation

Reflection, and Feedback Depending on your goals, this phase will involve coaching conversations and designing the “assignments” you will execute between sessions. Assignments may include research, fieldtrips, reflection exercises, behavioral experiments or more data collection and will be appropriately mapped to your goals/desired outcomes.

  • Phase Four: Assessment and Wrap Up

At the conclusion of our work together, we will assess where you are on your goals and will work to create a plan for your continued development outside of the coaching relationship. The “completion” process is one of reflection and re-enforcement of your learning—celebrating how far you’ve come and preparing for your next stage of development.

Phase five: Follow up

A follow-up meeting after the completion of the formal coaching program to discuss a plan to ensure that the progress attained during the coaching relationship is sustainable going forward. This phase is critical to support momentum.

Talent Coaching

Talent Support from Smart Chart is a supportive early intervention, designed to increase employee retention during the progressive discipline process. Our clients engage us to address poor performance or to correct bad behavior. Talent Support is a confidential one on one customized education, counselling and training program to support employee retention and cost containment for both unions and employers. We focus on helping employees to rebuild and maintain a viable and sustainable employment relationship with their employer. 

It is not an Employee Assistance Program, Talent Support focuses on retooling workers with new skills to boost their resiliency and engagement and not just on past behaviors. We understand that when once valued employees no longer perform to standards that a combination of work and life events may be a factor and a different solution is required. We tailor solutions to meet the specific need of the individual client.

Talent Support is a developmental process that starts with identifying whether coaching/counselling or training or a combination of the strategies is the right solution for the employee.


  • One-on-One Coaching

We provide One-on-One coaching gives a big hand to executives strengthen a critical personal leadership development capability or to address a specific organizational leadership challenge.  It is a customized process tailored for each situation.

One-on-One Coaching or Directive coaching is most commonly requested with high performing functional leaders who are highly competent in their area of expertise and lack leadership or relationship skills resulting in conflicts or grievances, and turnover which impacts organizational performance. 

Why One-on-One Coaching?

  • Addressing a discrete organizational issue or challenge
  • Reinforcing a new strategy or change initiative
  • Responding to a key issue or crisis that demands immediate behavior change
  • Closing an organizational skill gap
  • Providing personalized development linked to a common strategy


One-on-One Coaching provides immediate support for individuals to develop and implement specific skills and behaviors that are required for the current role or to be considered for alternate or future roles. Targeted coaching takes on the form of “just in time” support and utilizes proven behavioral change technologies that enable rapid change and learning.

Engagements are usually targeted at development or leadership issues such as enhanced communications skills, performance management or managing through conflict.

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