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Employment Assessment

In general, employee costs are among the largest costs in any organization. Given the challenges facing the Top Leaders, organizations require their leaders, managers & people to be aligned and working together to their maximum performance.

Employee assessments & tests can give organizations & managers reliable and objective information about their people. This includes the employee’s:

  • Fit & Match with the organizational culture, job, manager, and team
  • Developmental needs
  • Their most convenient style in learning and communication
  • Their general response to conflict with others, job-related stress & frustration which leads to de-motivation


Benefits of employee assessment

A lot of benefits lie in screening your employees for job, some are the following:-

  • Sticking to key competencies required for each job
  • Recruiters spend more time with only qualified candidates.
  • Screening out candidates that are likely to display risky behaviors, in a consistent and fair way.
  • Getting the best out of each employee
  • Getting better alignment between managers and their employees
  • Strategic employee management and succession planning

And more,,,

Organization Assessment

At smart chart we use organizational assessment approach, as a proven and experimented process that applies social behavioral best practices developed and proven effective in gov. and private sectors. This approach is designed to help leaders assess where their organization is in the change process, identify organizational gaps, transformation risks/issues and to determine what they need to do as they move through the process.

  1. Analyzing and Identifying organization Strategic Changes
    • By analyzing the more detailed data, we engage with the organization’s management team in a process to identify strategic changes by many techniques as (off sites and/or working sessions) in order to get more alternatives.
  2. Collecting Data ( initial )
    • To get a holistic, big picture assessment of the organization. By working along with with an organization’s leadership, stakeholders to interview. and use interviewing techniques based on an organizational systems model and will investigate areas such as: External Environment, Mission & Strategy, Leadership, Organizational Culture, Organizational Structure, Management Practices/Processes, etc
  3. Collecting Data ( in depth )
    • Just after discussion and agreement with organizational leaders, conduct a second phase of data collection to get detailed findings and gather more in-depth understanding around key issue areas to guide the development of alternatives and solutions.
  4. Setting Action Plan


Smart chart Assessment Centers

Smart Chart specializes in Fully Integrated Assessment Centers to assist you in identifying & developing talent and reduce the risk and cost of low performance or failed recruitment. We are also acknowledged as one of the best predictors of future job performance. To ensure that the right mix of tools is applied in the most relevant and efficient way for your organization, we consult on the selection process, and on the design and management of assessment centers. We ensure that your HR team and your managers get sustainable impact through a psychology-based approach.

Smart Chart Assessment Centre team has a wealth of experience in Assessment Centre Design. We have unique experience in creating bespoke assessment centers that are tailored towards client’s specific needs and industries. We can design and deliver customized assessment centers, whether that is for recruitment, succession planning, development and building high performance teams.

We design Assessment Centers by working with you to really understand your selection criteria. We identify the competencies relevant to both your organization and the role you are recruiting for and select appropriate methods of measuring these. We also provide high caliber assessors and facilitators to manage the assessment center to ensure that the very best talent for your organization is identified


Assessment Approach and Methodology may include:

  • Measure capabilities

First we test the abilities of different staff and on all levels

  • Profiling

Indication of behavioral style and role/organization fit as

  1. Leadership,
  2. Adaptability to different situations,
  3. Ability to find a solution to a problem, and
  4. Ability to work as team member.
  • Executive profiling

These profiles are being customized to suit their target roles and positions to make sure this has a positive impact on the organization

  • Set up of assessment center

Result-based and specifically structured assessment.


Smart chart value Added

Our tailored assessment center is beyond an ordinary way of testing and evaluation, it is a real method for assessing aptitude and performance; applied to a group of participants by trained assessors using various aptitude diagnostic processes in order to obtain information about applicants’ abilities or development potential.

We aim to deliver the below add value to our customers:


  • Delivering a clear and in depth overview of an individual’s current ability. They identify future potential and how individuals linked with the organization’s current needs and future business objectives.
  • facilitating organization’s ability to deliver the assessment programs as intended
  • In a challenging, competitive market where HR costs are rising, using this methodology is helping employers ensure they are making the right hiring decisions and therefore, saving money in the long run.
  • Our practical approach focuses on providing added value to your business. We dedicate an assessment consultant to manage the assignment from the design phase through the delivery of the feedback
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